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The first issue is the beginning of a journey where we don’t know how long it will last. The focus is on Brittany, France. It is the place where a small photo book became the idea of a magazine.

KUMO is a bilingual magazine. So, it offers English as the main language as well as a German translation in the same magazine. We decided to do this because breakting boundaries is an important part of our work.

Of course you can find more than travel stories. We meet with artisan couple Richter located in Gunzen worked together with the photographer Christopher Snead from Portland, the studio Pacha Design based in Cornwall and the in Saxony situated artist Anke Rudloff.

Everyone who was involved in our project has in one way or another a close relationship with the sea and water. KUMO, Japanese for cloud, is a connection across all borders, between people and places, art and nature.